A decentralized, user-owned, crypto-based ecosystem for self development

Partner with your community and become unstoppable in improving people's lives

We all can be part of the change!

As consumers, we can invest in and partner with creators to magnify the impact of their work.
Wewell is the next big change in how we consume and create self-development content and products.
Through a co-owned community culture built on the crypto network, all of us can be part of the value creation and support each other to work on something that can have a great impact on society.
There will be no more lack of funding to support research projects that meet the needs of minorities, underserved communities and neuro-diverse people and more to improve their quality of life.

Top Creators

What types of creators you will find on Wewell?

Creators with a solid track record of creating products related to self-development.
People who have shown their community that they care and are persistent in helping others adopt effective mindsets, use great toolsets and follow a clear roadmap in their personal development

We choose creators based on the following criteria:

Provide practical knowledge
Create products based on validated theories and offer toolsets backed by reliable sources
Are passionate about bringing science to everyday life by developing products that are engaging, consumable, and practical

How it works

Find the best creators
Get benefit from their work
Become their partner and be the part of change you want to see in the world

Become Wewell creator

If you are devoted to helping others learn, plan, and act on how to build a better life, Wewell loves to have you on board


 You can go beyond forming transactional relationships with your fans. Wewell allows you and your fans to become partners and develop new products that magnify your impact.

Currently, we hand select creators based on their level of expertise and track record in order to keep Wewell a quality destination for you to find and support products on self improvement.

You can tip them by pressing one click or if you are a big fan you can fund their upcoming research projects. Also you would get benefit if they succeed. win-win right?

It is very easy to create a wallet. We wrote this post to show you all the steps in detail.

Select menu by going to Admin > Appearance > Menus


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